Explore why New Mexico State University is consistently ranked among the nation's top university

在教学方面出类拔萃的赠地机构, 研究及公共服务, 新密歇根州立大学在课堂上寻求创新, 实验室和彩票网站的社区. We deliver solutions for the future 和 create change.


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这是过去十年里的第九次了, New Mexico State University has been recognized as a top-tier university. 排名是基于  评估 卓越, 毕业率和留校率, 教师资源, 学生选择性, 金融资源, 毕业率表现,  校友捐赠率. 阅读更多.


No. 1 in the nation among peers for science 和 engineering funding

彩票网站 leads all of America’s minority-serving institutions in federal obligations for science 和 engineering activities, according to a report from the 国家科学基金会’s National Center for Science 和 Engineering Statistics. 阅读更多.


No. 研究和改善生活

彩票网站 has been listed as a leader in equal access to higher education, according to a report that gave 彩票网站 the second-highest score in the nation as a public university that provides opportunities for social mobility to students 和 produces valuable research. 阅读更多.

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Several 彩票网站 graduate programs have been recognized U.S. 新闻 & 2022年世界最佳研究生院排名. 教育学院的研究生课程, 工程学院, 商学院, College of 健康 和 Social Services 和 College of 艺术 和 Sciences were ranked in 2021. 阅读更多.

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Numerous 彩票网站 programs have been ranked on the latest U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道’s Best 在线教育 Programs list offered by U.S. 国立大学. 彩票网站 is tied for 37th in criminal justice online master’s programs, 比一年前提高了13个名次. The business online bachelor’s programs at 彩票网站 rank tied for 51st. 彩票网站’s online master’s programs in engineering were recognized 和 listed in the 79th to 104th range. 阅读更多.



New Mexico State University has been recognized as one of 有很多’s 2021 Top Grad School Programs. 彩票网站 qualified based on factors that focus on the needs of non-traditional students, 包括灵活的类和服务, 负担得起的课程, 一系列高质量的项目, 和 degrees that help students advance in their field. 阅读更多.


New Mexico’s only Community Engagement Classification recipient

In recognition of its institutional commitment to serving communities across the state, 彩票网站 received a 2015 Community Engagement Classification from the 卡内基基金会 for the Advancement of Teaching.  阅读更多.



A recent 布鲁金斯研究所 report 的地方s 彩票网站 in the top 10 percent for value-added mid-career salary. 彩票网站 was listed as 89th of 863 institutions across the nation for 增值 中期业绩, which is the difference between a college’s predicted 和 actual student economic outcomes.  阅读更多.



彩票网站 ranks as 42nd on 商业内幕’s list of most underrated colleges in America, 基于声誉和未来收益. 阅读更多.


Ranked in the top 12 percent for improving students’ social mobility

According to CollegeNET’s 社会流动指数 ranking, 彩票网站 ranks in the top 12 percent for schools that help improve their students’ economic status. The rankings are based on tuition, economic background, graduation rate, early career salary 养老. 阅读更多.



《彩票网站》 again has recognized 彩票网站 as one of America’s Top 大学 in 2021,  新墨西哥州排名最高的大学. 阅读更多.


Ranked among the top 4 percent of global institutions

2018/19世界大学排名中心 的地方 新密西根州立大学排名前4.3 percent of institutions of higher education worldwide. 与18,000 degree-granting institutions of higher education worldwide evaluated, 彩票网站 ranked 770th 和 earned a national rank of 184th this year. 阅读更多.



彩票网站 has been recognized on the Top 100 大学 和 Universities for Hispanics list published in the 2021 issue of The Hispanic Outlook on Education Magazine.  阅读更多.


A leader in awarding degrees to Hispanics 和 Native Americans

彩票网站 is a leading university for awarding degrees to minority students. 在几个学科中, 彩票网站 ranks among the top 10 nationally for bachelor’s degrees awarded to Hispanic 和 Native American students. 阅读更多.

G.I. 工作的杂志

One of America’s most military-friendly universities

New Mexico State University is a top 50 Military Friendly school in degree programs within areas of telecommunications 和 security/corrections, 根据G.I. 工作的杂志. Military Friendly schools represent the top tier of institutions that provide the best educational opportunities for military service members 和 their dependents. 彩票网站 has been designated a Military Friendly school since 2010. 阅读更多.